Podcast: On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter Interviews

Hey everyone! Welcome to our new podcast segment where we interview athletes, celebrities, and motor sports personalities that are involved with and around the motorcycling culture.

This week we are focusing on the new film, On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter.

Lucky for you we have scored interviews with MX Stunt Legend, Robbie Maddison, Iconic filmmaker, Bruce Brown, and his son, the director of On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, Dana Brown.

We’re starting off with Robbie’s interview today, Bruce’s on Tuesday, and we’ll close it out with Dana on Wednesday.

Check back with us for more podcasts every month and feel free to let us know who you’d like us to interview next.


Robbie Maddison

Robbie Maddison is many things- a husband, father, FMX legend, Stunt record holder, James Bond’s stunt double in Skyfall, and multiple X Games medalist. This 32-year-old Aussie athlete has lived a lot in his young life and plans to keep going even bigger. Appearing in the new film, On Any Sunday: The Next  Chapter, performing yet another jaw dropping feat, Robbie says his ‘stunts are meant to inspire and include people in the lifestyle and culture of motorcycling’.

“There’s such a stigma about motorcycles, that they and the people who ride them are dangerous. I’m trying to send a message that motorcycles are liberating and as long as you put the steps for safety in place, they can be part of an amazing life.”

Bruce Brown

You can’t talk about motorcycle movies and not mention Bruce Brown’s Iconic film, On Any Sunday. That film and his well know classic, The Endless Summer, have pretty much set the bar for all documentary films revolving around motorcycling and surfing. Now happily retired, Bruce is enjoying the success of his early films as well as working with his son and director, Dana Brown. With a movie career that’s spanned over four decades, including accidentally helping to launch the career of George Lucas, Bruce has both a lot to look back on, and some great moments of prestige still to come.

“When I first started out, I had no idea how to make a film. I just bought a book on how to make films and then bought a camera and set out to do the best I could. I guess it all turned out ok.”

Dana Brown

In our humble opinion, Step into Liquid and Dust To Glory, are probably two of the greatest documentary films ever made about Surfing and Baja racing. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree in the Brown family and that’s a very good thing for a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts. Last Friday, Dana Brown debuted his new feature film, On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, and with it undoubtedly introduced a whole new generation to motorcycle racing and culture. Only in his mid 50’s, Dana still has plenty of passion for filmmaking left.

“There’s a lot of things I still like to do, but we just finished editing this movie at the end of July, so for now I’m just going to enjoy a little rest”.

Go ahead Dana, you’ve definitely earned it.

|Photo Courtesy of MeltyXtrem|

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