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Scooter Conundrum

20131218_163150_Richtone(HDR) copy

For many motorcyclists, scooters can be something of a taboo. Perhaps you owned one in college, noticed that cute coworker riding theirs into work, or most likely have one buried in the back of your garage that’s been sitting there since the early 90s. Whatever the case, many motorcycling aficionados try not to be caught on one unless they absolutely have to be.

But just for a moment let’s examine the facts.

Scooters are:

  1. Relatively cheap
  2. Easy to maintain
  3. Get...
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Naked and Unafraid

Ducati Allure

Most well respected motorcycle journalists can agree that at least once in your lifetime you should own a Ducati. I concur, though I think I’d raise the number to two. While which specific models are still up for debate among journalists, my dream bike has always been a 916. To this day, I’m still in search of a very well kept specimen with low miles in need of a loving home. I’d strictly use it to carve out twisty back roads and burn through race...

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Duel of the Ninjas

For those of us not endowed with overflowing bank accounts or impeccable credit scores, buying a motorcycle can sometimes be a game of needs versus wants. While the newest Liter bikes or Custom cruisers have all the specs that look good on paper, at the end of the day we often find ourselves asking if it’s really worth the money. So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that middleweight bikes are still in high demand. After all, what’s not to like about decent...

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2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs Ninja 1000

Matt and Heather test out Kawasaki’s Ninja 300 and 1000.

Strap in for a road trip and some helpful facts.

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2013 HONDA CTX700 – The Great White Hope

Youth In Revolt

Growing up, I can remember spending countless hours playing Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and XBOX. I also found time to play outside, participate in a myriad of organized sports, and learned how to do my own laundry. More importantly though, was a little something I had to get called a job. This of course required me to get a Drivers License. So after an entire weekend with the family car in an empty parking lot (and more heavy sighs and eye...

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The Ride – Trailer

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Honda CBR 1000RR

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Decades of Oakley innovation have led to a full array of market-leading products including performance apparel and accessories, prescription eyewear, footwear, watches and electronics. The company continues to build on its heritage of authenticity by reinventing products from scratch to achieve superior quality and genuine innovation that delivers the unexpected. Awarded more than 575 patents and 1100 trademarks, Oakley today is a global icon offering products...

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MAD Maps

If you’re just plain looking for the fastest way from A to B, forget it. We’re all about finding the most scenic route with the most unusual and unique attractions. From rock ‘n’ roll roadhouses to rubber band museums, we’ve scouted the stuff that makes getting there so much fun. And with almost 1,000 trips around this great country, you’ll never run out of places to explore.

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