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Impressive Italian


Being currently in the market for a new sportbike, I was thrilled when I got the chance to test out Ducati’s Panigale 899. The past few weeks have been spent looking at older model Kawasakis, Suzukis, and BMWs, so the 899 really wasn’t on my radar. But as you can probably guess, I’m not the type of girl who turns down a brand new test ride from Ducati. As soon as the bike came in, I headed over to The Ride’s garage and picked up the keys to my new daily...

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Naked and Unafraid

Ducati Allure

Most well respected motorcycle journalists can agree that at least once in your lifetime you should own a Ducati. I concur, though I think I’d raise the number to two. While which specific models are still up for debate among journalists, my dream bike has always been a 916. To this day, I’m still in search of a very well kept specimen with low miles in need of a loving home. I’d strictly use it to carve out twisty back roads and burn through race...

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