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Podcast: Alonzo Bodden

Living in Hollywood and working in the motorcycle industry, you get to meet a lot of celebrities who ride. Some have more money than they know what to do with and just buy the newest bikes on the market. Others only buy custom machines and can’t really tell you much about them except that they look really cool. But there does exist a small percentage of true enthusiasts who happen to be in the spotlight and can intelligently carry on a conversation about...

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Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2014

If you only have one weekend to seek out almost every motorcycle manufacturer and apparel company on the planet, then there’s no doubt you already know about the Progressive International Motorcycle Show.

Stopping in eleven cities across the United States, the annual event includes demo rides, custom builds, amazing guest speakers, and some of the latest tech from familiar and emerging companies in the motorsports industry. This past weekend the Long Beach...

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Podcast: On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter Interviews

Hey everyone! Welcome to our new podcast segment where we interview athletes, celebrities, and motor sports personalities that are involved with and around the motorcycling culture.

This week we are focusing on the new film, On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter.

Lucky for you we have scored interviews with MX Stunt Legend, Robbie Maddison, Iconic filmmaker, Bruce Brown, and his son, the director of On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, Dana Brown.

We’re starting off with...

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On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter

As most of you know, I love the retro scene. It’s not often that I get to visit both the past and present in one setting, but as luck would have it I recently got to do just that. Forty-three years ago documentary filmmaker, Bruce Brown, created a cult classic and gave the world a whole new way to look at motorcycles and the culture surrounding them with his Oscar nominated film, On Any Sunday.

Last week in Hollywood, CA, Bruce’s son and accomplished filmmaker...

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40 Years of Women’s MX

If you’ve been following motocross for a while, names like Windham, Villopoto, Tortelli, Roczen, McGrath, and Langston all bring to mind legendary races, killer comebacks, and top-level riding. But if we mention the names Fiolek, Golden, Fish, Gonzales, or Akin, would the same images come to mind?

Head out to any motocross track across the country or for that matter the world, and you’re likely to find a lot more female riders than there were, say, 10 years ago....

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