Heather Bonomo

Heather Bonomo

There may be no such thing as a perfect woman, but Heather comes close. A stuntwoman who can ride any motorcycle, appreciates chicken wings, and a good beer; Heather was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She developed a love for all things outdoors early in life whether it was rock climbing, jet skiing, snow boarding, or four-wheeling. Her affair with two wheels began shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2006, and since then she’s ridden everything from a Kawasaki Ninja 250 to a mind-bending BMW S1000RR.  But if you ask her what’s her favorite part about The Ride, she’ll tell you “I love to ride and meet other riders from across the country, but I’m secretly in it for all the great food we will hopefully discover along the way”.

Matt Hansen


As creator, director, and host of The Ride, Matt Hansen always has his hands deep in the motorcycle game. After graduating from The Los Angeles Film School, this Air Force veteran hatched a plan to marry his two passions of filmmaking and motorcycles. “I’ve always been a movie buff, but one day while driving down the road I saw a guy on a motorcycle go by, and he had the biggest grin on his face. Something just sparked inside me and I said, I gotta try that”! Since then, Matt has owned at least eight motorcycles, and has ridden more than two hundred. When asked about his passion project, Matt will tell you, “we’re excited to bring our audience quality content that will spark conversations about riding and keep people coming back for more”.

Monica Olive


A New York native,  Monica Olive’s love of music, travel, and adventure first brought her to Los Angeles in 2009.  Here she was introduced to the vast and intricate world of classic motorcycles and the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club. Having spent many hours learning about and fixing up her own 1966 Honda CB77 Superhawk, Monica is especially partial to custom vintage bikes, though she revels in the power and speed of many motorcycles. “Freedom is an open road in front of you, and the mingled smells of gasoline and flowers in your nose.” In addition to The Ride, the multifaceted Monica is also a singer/songwriter, actress, and talented voice over artist.